Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)
Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)
Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)
Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)
Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)
Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)

Wovenx - FDA Registered - 5 Ply Kids Black Face Masks (15 pieces)

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FDA Registered: Owner Operator Number 10080672

NEWEST KIDS MASK STANDARD: GB/T38880-2020, 5 PROTECTIVE LAYERS 95% Filtration Efficiency, The innermost layer is a Polypropylene Spunbond Non Woven layer, which is super soft and gentle on the skin, followed by two layers of polypropylene melt-blown non woven layers which act as the filters, with a layer of Spunbond non woven in between the filters, followed by a Fiber Fabric with the printed design. The GB/T38880-2020 is a kids only standard that meets 95% filtration capabilities. SGS testing has been done to show that our masks meet that filtration efficiency and the standard. SGS is a world renown 3rd party testing company. Our testing report is electronically signed for our kids masks. On page two of the report it discusses the filtration testing results. The standard has extra requirements that need to be met for kids masks that the KN95 standard does not have or test for. The standard GB/T38880-2020 is specifically for children and has 95% filtration capabilities. All KN95 and N95 masks have the same filtration layers as the GB/T38880-2020 masks, those filtration layers are the Melt Blown layers. Customers have a misconception that because a mask is thin it doesn't filter well, those layers are the thinnest layers in all types of masks. Companies fluff up masks with filler layers to make them seem thicker, so that it gives you the impression that the masks filter better. The only filters that actually work are the melt blow layers in a mask everything else is a filler.

ADJUSTABLE EARLOOPS Each earloop has rings that can tighten or loosen the earloops to pull the mask tighter on the face. An adjustable strong plastic nose clip runs along the top to create seal around the nose.

FIT FOR KIDS 4-13 YEARS Sized at (5.12" x 4.17"), they fit comfortably on the child's face and fit the contour of the face. Now you can take your children with you to the store, go on trips, and send them to school safely!

INDIVIDUALLY SEALED Each mask is individually sealed in resealable bags so they are perfect to throw in your purse, backpack, or your child's pocket and they stay clean.

LIGHT AND BREATHABLE Designed for the utmost in comfort, these masks are painless and adjustable. They offer full coverage of the nose and mouth and allow kids to play and learn freely.

organic bamboo
5 layer protection
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BPA Free
VOC Free
Latex Free

The benefits of Wovenx Incontinence pads

cooler and softer sleep

Made from the highest quality Oeko-Tex Certified 100% Organic Bamboo for the coolest and softest sleep possible.

absolutely No leakage

The pads consist of 5 layers to absorb and protect the bed from incontinence at night, ensuring if it occurs, your bed sheets will remain dry.

Safe to sleep on

Have peace of mind that your child is sleeping on the safest waterproof, Oeko-Tex Certified TPU barrier. We don’t use PVC that is not safe for children to sleep on.

For twin & full beds

Pad dimensions are 34” x 52” - perfect for a night of sleep on any twin or full bed.

Easy To Change

When incontinence occurs at night, no need to change the bed sheets, simply change the Pad!

How we stack up to the competition

Other Brands
Organic bamboo fabric
TPU Water Barrier
5 layer protection
BPA, VOC, Latex free
Silky smooth to sleep on

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What materials are used in Wovenx kids' bedding?

Our kids' bed sheets are crafted from OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo, known for its softness, breathability, and eco-friendly properties. This material is gentle on the skin and perfect for children's sensitive skin.

How do the kids incontinence pads work?

Kids' incontinence pads work by using absorbent materials to quickly capture and lock away urine offering discreet and comfortable protection. They are made from skin-friendly materials to ensure your child's comfort throughout the night and a waterproof backing to prevent leaks to the bed.

Are Wovenx products safe for children with allergies?

Yes, our products are made with hypoallergenic materials and are free from harmful chemicals, making them safe for children with allergies or sensitive skin.

How do I care for Wovenx bedding?

Our bedding is easy to care for. We recommend washing in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble drying on low. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners to maintain the quality and life of the fabric.

What sizes are available for the kids' bedding?

Our kids' bedding comes in various sizes to fit most standard beds. Please refer to our product pages for specific dimensions.

Are Wovenx products environmentally friendly?

Yes, Wovenx prioritizes environmental sustainability. Our products are eco-friendly, made from organic, sustainable, and OEKO-TEX certified materials, ensuring safety for your child and the planet.

What is your return policy?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer service team for a return or exchange within a specified period.

How can I get in touch for more questions?

 For any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team via email or our website's contact form. We are always here to assist you