About Us

At Wovenx, we specialize in creating a cozy, caring sleep environment for children, especially those facing the challenges of incontinence. Founded by a UCLA Material and Biomedical Engineering parent and textile aficionado, We understand the nuances of young sleepers and the pivotal role of restful nights in their growth and development.

Our Journey

Realizing the lack of premium, child-centric bedding solutions for kids with incontinence, we set out on a mission to fill this void. Our journey involved deep research and collaboration with pediatric experts and textile innovators. This led to the birth of Wovenx, a brand synonymous with quality and care in children's bedding.

Our Products

At the heart of our product line are our kids' bed sheets, made from OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo. This choice of material ensures not only supreme softness and breathability but also upholds our commitment to eco-friendly practices. These sheets, coupled with our flagship kids incontinence pads, offer an unparalleled sleep experience. Our incontinence pads are designed with advanced technology for high absorbency, odor control, and gentle contact with sensitive skin.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Sustainability is a core principle at Wovenx. We diligently ensure that our products are safe for your children and the planet. The use of organic and sustainable materials, free from harmful chemicals, is a testament to our dedication to the environment and to providing allergen-free, child-friendly bedding.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver products that go beyond functionality, ensuring a nurturing and secure sleep environment for children. Our commitment to innovation and improvement is driven by the ever-evolving needs of young ones.