1. Are your kids masks KN95?

The GB/T38880-2020 is a kids only standard that meets 95% filtration capabilities. SGS testing has been done to show that our masks meet that filtration efficiency and the standard. SGS is a world renown 3rd party testing company. Our testing report is electronically signed for our kids masks. On page two of the report it discusses the filtration testing results. The standard has extra requirements that need to be met for kids masks that the KN95 standard does not have or test for.  

KN95 and N95 masks are not made for children. Those standards for masks are meant for ADULTS ONLY. That is why when you see KN95 masks that are sold for kids you will see companies put labels that say "not meant for children" which defeats the purpose of selling it for children.

The standard GB/T38880-2020 is specifically for children and has 95% filtration capabilities. All KN95 and N95 masks have the same filtration layers as the GB/T38880-2020 masks, those filtration layers are the Melt Blown layers. Customers have a misconception that because a mask is thin it doesn't filter well, those layers are the thinnest layers in all types of masks. Companies fluff up masks with filler layers to make them seem thicker, so that it gives you the impression that the masks filter better. The only filters that actually work are the melt blow layers in a mask everything else is a filler.